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You may not have thought before about insuring your pet, but it can be a smart move.

A pet insurance policy is quite similar to a human health insurance policy. You pay a monthly premium and then if you encounter large medical bills, your insurer takes over the bulk of those bills. Of course, just like human health plans, there are deductibles, annual limits and possibly co-pays.

While domestic pet insurance isn't widely popular in North America yet, it is quite common in many European countries where a good percentage of household pets are currently insured.

The cost of veterinary care is rapidly escalating. One in three pets will need emergency veterinary treatment every year. Add to that the advances in the field of animal medicine that have allowed veterinarians to successfully treat conditions that were previously considered untreatable.

Arguably the best-known pet insurer is 24 Pet Watch. They offer accident and illness coverage for your dog or cat, while adding some financial protection for you. A 24 Pet Watch policy may help eliminate the financial stress associated with your dog's or cat's healthcare needs. It's easy to get more information and to apply.

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If you really love pets (and you aren't so crazy about your current job), maybe you would be interested in becoming a veterinarian or a veterinarian's assistant. Working with pets all day is still hard work, but if you really like cats and dogs, your future work day could be better than what you have right now. This website has some information on getting into a new career and how to train for it.

If you can't get rid of those pesky bugs all on your own, you might need to phone a professional. This site can put you in contact with some experienced pros in your suburb.

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